Believing. Innovating. Building.


The Inaxxs Music Business Conference


The Inaxxs Music BusinessConference (IMBC) is a conference focused on building the Christian music industry, the innovation within the industry; and to incite, develop, and promote those interested in becoming part of and experiencing long term success within the industry. The conference seeks to do this by..

Developing a platform to educate music professionals, creatives, content creators, and supporters on business fundamentals that invigorate, inform, and create opportunities that will cause the Christian creative industry to…

Engage the industry at large as creative entrepreneurs that are capable of creating viable and sustainable music and media platforms that represent who we are as believers…

so that we may Impact the culture at large by presenting content that is both compelling and missional in nature and scope and do so in excellence.

IMBC is a platform bringing together voices who are innovators within the industry and educating those who already are and who want to be part of the industry. IMBC also provides emerging artist with a platform to showcase their God-given talents.

The Inaxxs Music BusinessConference is a place to educate the Christian music industry and engage and impact the industry at large.