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From an inspiration to serve, IMBC was born...

IMBC started from pure inspiration.

In late 2014, Andre Mullen was inspired and encouraged by his pastor to create a music business conference that spoke to his desire to serve and educate artists with core Christian values in the music industry. After collaborating with his business partner, Manuel Garcia, the two decided to undertake the call. Manuel, a Miami native, flew to New York and for 5 days, the two sat behind close doors to strategize and plan what would be the inaugural debut of The Inaxxs Music Business Conference.

Their desire for the conference was simple: educate artists, music professionals, creatives, content creators, and supporters on music business principles that often go overlooked resulting in loss of revenue and resources. “There are many people in this industry that we believe should be realizing a greater rate of return on their investment”, states Andre, “That investment is spiritual, mental, physical – creatively. For those that know The Bible, when you sow a seed, you should be reaping a harvest. There’s nothing wrong with the system. It’s just making sure that you know how the system works. Too many of us don’t know how the system works. It’s our desire to change that; to educate creators so that they can do what they love as a career.”

The conference took place in July of 2015 and enlisted some of the best and brightest in the media and music industry including social media strategist and entrepreneur Ariel Hyatt and co-founder and president of NoiseTrade, Derek Webb. The follow year built on the same momentum featuring speakers Kenyan Penceal of RCA Inspiration, as well as artist and brand strategist Ernest “Applejaxx” Owens.

As IMBC moves into its fourth year, the platform’s purpose remains the same: to give music business professionals and artists the ability to connect, network, and innovate to make an impact and be impactful in the music industry.