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Here is your conference itinerary for IMBC 2017
Day 1
12 Aug 2017
9:00 am - 9:30 am

Continental Breakfast

Opening Remarks

Executive Director Andre Mullen opens up this year’s conference with a welcome to conference attendees, thoughts, and the future of IMBC.
Opening Remarks

Music Biz and The Law

What makes the music business is both the music and the business. It’s the business part that many have varied expectations about. How important is the business? How do artists...
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Michael “Mack” McPherson
Terrence Charles Jr.
Doc Watson
Eldonie Mason

The Power of Streaming

Streaming services like Spotify have dominated the industry. How can indie artists can take advantage of the booming streaming platform? Shawn Li moderates a discussion with streaming expert Kevin King and Andre Mullen on how...
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Shawn Li
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Finding Your Signature Sound

In an industry that has a growing number of artists, how can one find their signature sound? How can artists differentiate themselves from all the noise? This panel, moderated by...
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Does Radio Still Got It?

Does radio still have the ability to expose and break new music?  Many artists and other music professionals in the Christian and Gospel music sector still struggle with how radio...
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Manuel Garcia
Andre “CrazyOne” Griffith

Branding & Marketing Essentials for the Indie Artist

What is branding? What is marketing? This panel will speak on the essentials that make up branding and marketing. In this panel moderated by TeQoa Griffith, industry professionals Billy Johnson Jr. and Randy Thomas discuss the...
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Billy Johnson Jr.