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Past Panels

Past panel topics from IMBC..

"Music Biz and the Law"

What makes the music business is both the music and the business. It’s the business part that many have varied expectations about. How important is the business? How do artists and music professionals prepare themselves to deal with labels, lawyers, and other industry professionals?  How should an artist go about putting together that team? Terrence Charles Jr.  moderates a panel of experts that include Doc WatsonEldonie Mason, and Michael “Mack” McPherson to discuss the importance of knowing the music business as both a professional and a creative.

The Power of Streaming

Streaming services like Spotify have dominated the industry. How can indie artists can take advantage of the booming streaming platform? Shawn Li moderates a discussion with streaming expert Kevin King and Andre Mullen on how streaming is drastically changing the industry.

Finding Your Signature Sound

In an industry that has a growing number of artists, how can one find their signature sound? How can artists differentiate themselves from all the noise? This panel, moderated by Celeste Charles, features panelists Ernest “Applejaxx” Owens and Chris Belmont, and discusses how artists can go about that creatively.

Does Radio Still Got It?

Does radio still have the ability to expose and break new music?  Many artists and other music professionals in the Christian and Gospel music sector still struggle with how radio is an asset to their music career. What, exactly, does radio understand better than any new media when it comes to making new music familiar and discovering hits? Radio DJs and personalities Manuel GarciaTony “DJ Tony Tone” Simmons, join moderator Andre “CrazyOne” Griffith to discuss the importance of radio in the Christian and Gospel music sector.

Branding & Marketing Essentials for the Indie Artist

What is branding? What is marketing? This panel will speak on the essentials that make up branding and marketing. In this panel moderated by TeQoa Griffithindustry professionals Billy Johnson Jr. and Randy Thomas discuss the importance of brand and marketing development using various methods.

Essential Keys to Creating Longevity in the Music Industry

While the digital age has posed many challenges to the music industry, many artists are determined to build their own careers. Every artist wants to be successful, but the ways of going about generating success in the industry can be overwhelming without the right plan and strategy in place. What makes a successful artist? Why are many artists in the Christian and Gospel music industry not having the success that their mainstream counterparts are having? The Inaxxs Music Business Conference founder and Executive Director Andre Mullen discusses with fellow panelists Kenyan Penceal and Ernest “Applejaxx” Owens on how artists can create a sustainable career in the music industry.

Touring & Booking: What Promoters are Really Looking For

In the music industry, perhaps the most lucrative aspect of an artist’s business is their ability to book engagements and tour. In the Christian and Gospel sector, this area becomes very critical as most artists live show and the frequency of them directly translates for them financially.  However, when it comes to securing artists, what are booking and event planners looking for? What causes booking agents/companies and event planners to pick some artists and overlook others? Moderator Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes leads an informative discussion with panelists Suleky RomanMichael Gordon, and Shawn Gibbs to shed light on what really happens behind the scenes of the booking artists.

The Role of Radio in the Christian Music Industry

Radio still has the ability to expose and break new music. Many artists and other music professionals in the Christian and Gospel music sector still struggle with how radio is an asset to their music career. What, exactly, does radio understand better than any new media when it comes to making new music familiar and discovering hits? Radio DJs and personalities Tony “DJ Tony Tone” SimmonsAndre “CrazyOne” Griffith, and Walter “DJ Tranzformed” Cruz join moderator TeQoa Griffith  to discuss the importance of radio in the Christian and Gospel music sector.

"The Dream Team": Why Having a Competent Team is Important

It is very challenging for an artist to build a music career solo. There are many moving parts to the business of an artist and having a team is essential in developing a sustainable career in music. What aspects of a team are essential? How should an artist go about putting together that team? T.Marie Media Group founder and public relations specialist TaQuinda Johnson leads a panel of experts that include Andre MullenAndre “Crazyone” Griffith, and Eldonie Mason to discuss the core aspects of a competent team and why artists need to make sure that they have them in place in order to be successful in the industry.

"Your Purpose, Your Identity": How Discovering & Walking in Your Identity Unlocks the Creativity Inside of You

As believers, the only way that we can unlock the creativity that is within us is by knowing who we are, whose we are, and what we can do in Him. Learn how your identity is directly aligned with releasing the creativity that He has put in each of us. Moderator TaQuinda Johnson sits and talks with success coach Robin Ware and discusses and shows why knowing who you are is important to developing and honing the passion that God has put in you.

Content Creation: Creating the News You Want to Tell

How can Christian artists can use content to create fan engagement via the stories that they want to tell? Media blogger and personality Roger Maloney leads a panel discussion with content creators Paul MartinezTaQuinda Johnson, and Trisha Bell  talks about the importance of artists using web and social media platforms to create content that is compelling and rich.

"A&R Sound Sessions powered by C1 Radio": Music Screenings That Build Artists Up

In this breakout session, some of Christian industry’s top executives listen to submitted music from up and coming artists who are looking for analysis and critique. Designed to build artists up, A&R Sound Sessions will give artists a better insight into their own creative process and what they can work on. Panelists include Andre “Crazyone” GriffithKenyen Penceal, and Chris Belmont.

Social Media and The Indie Artist

Presented by social media strategist and entrepreneur, Ariel Hyatt, discussed how social media can be used propel the careers of music creatives. Additionally, the session focused on the importance and best practices for such social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter; the need for every independent artist to create authentic relationships; and how artists can use social media to establish themselves as a brand.

The Artist as CEO

As CEO of Taylor Insights, Andre Taylor has helped individuals and organizations lead and win for more than 30 years. He’s an accomplished business leader with diverse experience including executive positions on Wall Street, leading the marketing activities of multi-national organizations, and building successful entrepreneurial companies.  In his keynote topic session, entitled “The Artist as CEO”, Taylor focused on challenging artists to look at their craft as more than just an creative outlet, but as a viable business; challenging music business professionals to assess their current business and create sustainable revenue; and provided insights into how to turn creativity into a brand.

Music Copyright & Licensing

Attorney-at-law Joyce Dollinger presented the complexities of music copyright law and licensing, the need for artists to know how the law effects them, and how to go about properly licensing created works.

Music Monetization

Emmy award winning songwriter, Michael Whalen, discussed the very lucrative world of music monetization via the Internet and social networks, particularly You Tube. Having himself generated a five figured revenue from You Tube, Whalen talked to attendees on how to properly utilize metadata and other practical methods to get greater traction and engagement.

Artistic Control in the Age of Independence

NoiseTrade president and co-founder Derek Webb knows about the desire to have control of every facet of your music. In 2006, Webb convinced his label, INO Records / Columbia Records, to give away over 80,000 free downloads of his critically acclaimed album, Mockingbird. The advancement of technology has empowered music creatives to creat music on their terms. Derek talked about knowing your worth as an independent creative, creating your own voice, and building your audience with data.

Transitioning from Music to Film

Film producer and CEO of Stuart Films LLCEmelyn Stuart will discussed the key differences of music and film, how both mediums rely on each other and how music creatives can explore opportunities and how her annual film festival, Ocktoberfest, seeks to promote creatives and create new opportunities.

Content is King!

UFront Media Insights founder Roger Maloney discussed the importance of content across social media platforms to develop a brand.

"Built for This: The Rigors of Entrepreneurship"

Marcel Oliveira, seasoned entrepreneur, talked with Andre Mullen about the rigors of entrepreneurship.  From his love of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Oliveira talked about how that passion fueled his entrepreneurial spirit to start Gi Soap on a small investment and created and sold his product from home. They discussed how consistency and planning are important to developing a brand; how “selling out” to your vision is one of the driving forces of success; and fundamentals that are essential to building a business.

The Importance of Radio to the Indie Artist

Radio has always played a pivotal role in the music industry. Throughout the years, it has evolved into more than just traditional radio stations. There now is a significant rise in internet stations as well as podcasts – both of which have been able to cater to unique niche markets. Panelists Tony “DJ Tony Tone” Simmons, Andre “CrazyOne” Griffith, and Manuel “Jblaze” Garcia have been part of the broadcasting field for decades combined. They have discovered, heard, and played some of the best music throughout their careers and have developed keen ears for “what’s hot and what’s not”. They discussed why radio isn’t dead and how it continues to play a role in breaking indie artists’ music; why internet radio is becoming more popular in indie music culture; and why the future of podcasting will open up doors for indie artists breaking new music.